Monday, December 3, 2012

So many different feelings in just a few hours of one Saturday afternoon!

On Saturday I went with Bret to LMU so that he could do some final edits to his movie Si, Se Puede. He first told me he would just need 15 minutes and we would be out. But 15 minutes turned into 3 1/2 hours! By that time I was fed up, tired, hungry, thirsty, irritable...I was mad and I told him so.

The reason I was mad was because he told me one thing and we ended up multiplying that by 14 times! But you know what? I didn't blow up, I was calm and I tried to be understanding. Although he had already uploaded his video on YouTube once before, in those 15 minutes he realized his video needed MORE work!

As I waited for him I loved seeing what a task-oriented person he is-- as he is with everything. He took care of all the little details, the sounds, the credits, everything. I didn't know this, but he actually gave me credits for being the Set Manager and Casting Director!

Helping Bret make this short film took a lot of work: phone calls, text messages, Facebook messages and conversations (to get extras), buying supplies to make the signs, making the signs, buying an preparing food, etc. It was a lot of fun, I really enjoyed it!

I wonder if I'm always goign to be enthusiastic about making all of our lives? What will happen  when we have kids or life get's even more hectic? Well, I am preparing for that. I know that his career and mine will occupy a lot of our time. Sometimes he will be way from the family; sometimes I will. But we are both determined to make things work.

So as I was waiting him in the little studio, I was able to get a lot of work done, yay! I was very happy about that, but it was looong! I realized that when I need to get work done, I need to lock myself up inside a little room that only has a desk and a chair; no internet and no bed. But in case I need a nap, I will have to bring a little pillow :)

  Bret hates to see me angry and he always tries to figure out why I got upset in the first place. We walk backwards and analyze the root of my feelings. We replay the situation and come up with ways we could have avoided getting upset. More than often, he puts himself in my shoes, and naturally, I put myself in his shoes. We talk it out calmly and we allow the other one to speak. Eventually, we work it out and we laugh together again! 



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