Monday, December 31, 2012

No More Cookies, Muffins or Desserst in 2013

Last night, after watching DJango in the theater, we left the theater at 10:30 pm. When I looked at the time I was like “Aw, Man!” and I confessed to Bret that what I felt like doing was going to Trader Joes and buy vegan cookies. 

When we got home and I was determined to make banana walnut muffins (I used this recipe)I made 6 mini muffins and waited 25 minutes for them to bake….I ended up eating them all, sharing just one with Bret.  

I joined Bret in bed, we cuddled and we talked about what great day we had with each other. While I was lying down my stomach was not happy with me; I felt nasty and full (since we ate a large dinner that evening). Then I said to me, “Okay, that’s it. No more sweets.” I am sick of eating sweets. I recognized that feeling of being sick and tired of eating out of control. I felt the same way at midnight December 24/25, 2010. Two years ago, I set a goal to get in the best shape and fitness of my life ONCE and FOR ALL and compete in my first bikini competition. 

Because I’ve felt the same determination before and I accomplished my health and fitness goals, I know I can do it again! I am tired of giving in to sweets. So I have decided that for 21 days in 2013 I am going to live cookie/muffin/cake free. Then after 21 days we will see if I crave it or if I kick the habits for good. 

Oh, by the way, I just want to say that I look up to my father-in-law, Jim. He has not had sweets in 35 years. His last bite of cake was on his wedding day (with Bret's mom) and he no longer craves sweets. Today he can easily say "No, thank you."  



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