Friday, December 14, 2012

The shooting of more than 20 (children and adults) in Newtown, Connecticut today was horrific

Everyone asks why this happened? How could someone kill children at school? It has everything to do with mental health.

We all tend to neglect mental health because we don't see it. Even if we don't have a major mental illness, many of us fail to recognize how our thoughts and feelings shape our actions. I feel I am still in shock and I need to digest this incident and then I can talk about it....

One thing I can say is that we must show our love and appreciation for our loved ones every day. It is a hard things to remember, but we must so our best when we can. What happened today made me ask myself if I am letting people in my life know I love them as often as I should...?

This morning when I woke up I kissed Bret and when as he was waking up I told him, "It feels so good to wake up next to you every morning!" and he just smiled and hugged me. When Bret left to work today I kissed him and wished him a nice day. Then later this morning after hearing the news I realized that I could also have happened at Bret's school; he is a high school history teacher. And that is when I got scared.

I also thought about my nieces and nephews all of who are in college (1), middle school (2), elementary school (4) and in pre-school (4). And the thought that this could happen in their schools scared me and I cried. I cannot imagine what the parents and families of the victims are going through. I feel so sad for the children witnessed and their parents.

I find it to hard to articulate my thoughts and feelings.



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