Saturday, April 21, 2012

If I get sad, I'll immediately jump into a state of happiness, appreciation and gratitude :)

You know that saying "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me" ? I believe in that saying. As for me, I try my best not to take things personally so what others say don't bother me.  I've practiced being self-aware and I've learned how to control myself and not react in a negative ways to people's hurtful comments or actions when these type of situations arise. I realize that I cannot take it personally because those actions/words are actually a refection of that person and it really says nothing about me. 

I must admit, however,  that at times I've noticed that when I am alone I start remembering things that others have done and said to me -- and naturally, as any other human being -- it bring me a down a little bit...The other morning at 5am while Bret was till sleeping and it was quiet and dark outside (I was sitting on the carpet tying my tennis shoes to hit the gym) I started thinking of the negative things a couple of people have done/said to me and I began to sense that they were jealous of my accomplishments....At the moment when these situations happened with those people, I realized that those actions/words reflect who they are and are not really about me. But when I'm alone and I start thinking too much, I notice how my head bows down and my shoulders fall, and imagine the look on my face....It sucks. I would never admit to this, but it's true. It happens to ALL of us no matter what. I don't want to live this way and I really want to be in control of my feelings when I am alone.

So I made a decision. Each time I start thinking about those negative situations and how they bring down I will switch my thinking. I'll stop thinking about it, and brush it off. Immediately I will chose to move forward, look up, throw my shoulders back and smile because I count my blessings. I will appreciate and be grateful that I am alive and what I have; and I have the freedom to chose. I'll take the same approach each time I want to complain about something or someone. I will remember each time that this is not a way to live and I chose to live differently.  

What others say or do to you are a refection their own judgement - and they take it our on others. This is true even about ourselves. When we say or do things to others, it is a refection of who we are and our own judgment ans insecurities. Because I have this philosophy, I try to be careful about what I say to others and it helps me analyze myself in situations by asking: "Now, does this say more about me than the other person?"  

I am not going to let people get me sad or make me doubt myself just because of their actions and words. As a matter of fact, each time I notice I get sad, I will use that a trigger to get me motivated and be the best I can "Bea". 



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