Sunday, April 15, 2012

I just signed up for my next competition: I'm 6 weeks out!

I just signed up for my next competition! The date of the show is Saturday, May 26th and so I am officially 6 weeks out!

Although my nutrition (VEGAN) has become cleaner, more nutritious and healthierand my workouts have been more intense than they have ever been, I cannot say that I have been "prep'ing" !!! Seriously....

But now that I've made my payment to Fitness America it is now set in stone I am participating and therefore, my contest-prep has begun. I will be my best-self all the next 6 weeks and on the day of competition. But it doesn't end then -- this is a lifestyle!

The next step is to find me a cute bikini! I can either rent/borrow one or buy a new one. In the following weeks I will be practicing my walk and posing. Also, I gotta take care of the details, like tanning, practicing my make up, shop for jewelry, etc.