Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May 28th, competition day!

So it has been over a week since my first bikini competition!

 The morning of the show I was so ready to put on my bikini and walk on stage. I packed my stuff, my meals and 1/2 gallon water (to drink after the show) and Bret and I walked to my car and head out to Brea (Orange County) at12:30pm. As we drove I was feeling like an actual competitor. I was feeling the excitement of showing my hard work and diet on stage. My weight-loss journey, my ups and downs, my depression and euphoria from working out, my self-control and will and tenacity to be in the best shape of my life brought me to that day.

On my way to the competition location I ate a medium banana, 1 rice cake and almond butter. I didn't measure the almond butter because it tasted so good I wanted to enjoy it and not worry about it. I had read that eating carbs and fats on contest day is a great idea to keep your energy levels up.

The girls at the show were gorgeous and had great physiques. I was in no way intimidated by them -- as I appreciate what I have and what I have worked on. I knew very well that the reason I was there to compete with myself and see what I have accomplished. I happily shared with people that it was my first time competing! I was overly excited to see fit bodies, meet great people and was ready to do this.



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