Sunday, June 12, 2011

Be Productive, and Love and Enjoy Every Second!

I feel that today I have a million things to do....

  1. I am just about to head out to the gym for my cardio-bootcamp and abs session.
  2. I am going to the SAESL, Scholarship Association for English as a Second Language StudentsTardeada at 12pm in East L.A.
  3. Stop at the Dollar Tree to buy decorations for my bother. Javier's bday celebration.
  4. Javier's birthday party and spend time with my wonderful family in Norwalk.
  5. Pick up Bret in Palms and head out to Stuff I Eat in Inglewood to meet Cindy and Chris. 
  6. Review the Latino Health Access Interview Questions and Orientation PPT. 
  7. Pack my meals for the next day
  8. Go to bed by 9:15pm!

Some say "meditation" is to be calm and do not think, etc.  But meditation can also mean being self-aware of what you are feeling, thinking and being at any given moment. I gotta seize the day, be productive, love and enjoy every second of the day.



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