Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Some plans...

Ever since I posted my picture wearing my purple bikini competition suit and photos, I got a lot of positive and sweet comments from many friends. I posted the picture because I worked hard to get in the best shape of my life. As a result I am healthy and strive to be healthy in every single aspect I can. My profile picture is my nicest bikini pose wearing y bikini suit. How would I not post that picture? My bikini was $100 (including shopping) of course I was going to post it! LOL

I have been wanting to get my personal trainer certification for years... I think the time has come and I will begin studying for it. Bret suggested I do it this summer so that by the fall I start training people. Becoming a personal trainer I can help people become healthier by exercise and eating well, two things that I love! I am mostly interested to help other women get in the best shape of their lives and be healthy and the best selves they can be in this moment.

By choosing this his career path part-time I will be addressing two of the most crucial problems this country is facing: overweight and obesity by teaching and helping people eat better and being physically active. I want to provide the right support in women and young girls journey to change into a healthier lifestyle.

It will take some time to plan carefully and develop methods to executing my plan. It will not come easy, but I am ready to do the work. Before I do that though, I need to continue staying focuses on....

1) Begin the first stages of my thesis, (Dr. Rios-Ellis wants me to have 2 chapters done by the end of the summer) and;

2) Start studying for the the GRE which I will take by the end of September. Perhaps a week before my next competition. I will also sign up for a GRE prep class that is 5 weeks long from UCLA Extension (from August 5 - September 8).

I have not laid out a contest pre-plan. I will create my plan very soon!

After my competition I need to start gathering my application materials so I can apply to Schools of Public Health for, my PhD and meet the December 1st deadline.

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