Sunday, May 15, 2011

My mother's accident/fall

On Friday night my mother had an accident at home. She was outside by the pool are and moved a wet and heavy carpet from a beach chair and when she tried to do that she lost her balance (as the carpet was too heavy) and she fell into the pool -- the pool was empty of water.

This experience was a wake up call for my family and myself. For my family, each member was moved in a different but similar way. For me, it reminded me of how much my mother means to me. She is the woman who gave me life -- the most important woman in my life. She is the most loving, caring, strong yet sensitive, successful and intelligent, hard-working, honest, innocent, courageous, amazing....and on an on. My mother has taught me everything. I owe her everything. I realize that I need to do more for her. She has given so much of herself to me, my siblings, my father and my nieces and nephews.My mother is my hero. She is a fighter of life and a light of wisdom, courage and love.

There are still a million hugs and kisses I have for my mother. There are still a million words of love that need to be exchanged with my mother. We still have walks on the beach and hikes in mountains we need to explore. Thank you, God, for saving her from that fall. Thank you for taking care of her and giving her that shinier light of love and life she carries in her eyes every single day. I dedicate this song to my beautiful mother:

After this incident, I also realized once again how fortunate I am. I have a wonderful, supportive and loving family. Both my parents, sisters (Martha, Lupe and Laura) and brothers (Betito and Javier) have always been there for each other regadless. The moment my father came to this country, he had a dream of having his entire family with him. Through hard work, perseverance, persistence, sacrifice and suffering (physical and emotional) he didn't stop until he made that dream a reality. 22 years later (since my family began arriving to the US), we continue to stick by each other's side.Over the years we have become closer than ever and we will continue to be together. I dedicate my family this song by John Lennon:

My family is #1 and showing them what a priority they are is something I must do every day. I will live and love my family by sharpening the saw:

Mind - read with them, share books, make plans, have discussions, write letters/ poems
Body - Exercise with my parents, sisters, brothers and nieces and nephews; eat healthy, nutritious and organic foods, drink pure water; ignore eating unhealthy foods; practice healthy behaviors
Heart - Love and show affection, understanding, listening, cooperation
Spirit - Contribute as a family in events that support our beliefs and mission; give back to others



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