Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May 18th, 2011

5:35am Meal 1
3" part of banana; 1/3 cup oat flour; 2/3 cup egg whites; sugar-free/calorie-free syrup (yum!)


8:10am Meal 2
Protein shake: 8 oz. water; 2 oz. soy milk; 1 scoop vegetable protein; 6" banana

10:25am Meal  3
4 organic hard-boiled eggs whites; 1 cup spinach; 1/4 cup sauteed yellow and orange bell pepper strips

1:20pm Meal 4
8 strips of chicken-less chicken; 4 oz. organic zucchini; 1/4 cup sweet potato

3pm cup pf coffee with 1 half-n-half tub and Splenda
 I just finished my coffee drink and it was so good! I have to remember though that 30 calories IS 30 calories = at least 3 minutes of running. This far into my contest-prep, every minute of physical activity take a lot of work. Every calorie counts and every calorie adds up to more, so I need to remember that this time is critical in the last stages, days, hours...and eventually minutes. Okay, so I messed up. Learn from it and move on. My next meal is at 4:30pm - stick with the Master Plan, Bea!

4:30pm Meal 5
4 egg whites; 1/4 cup sweet potato

7pm Meal 6
chicken; asparagus; small salad

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