Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Indulging at my sister's bday party yesterday; Today I am back to my disciplined self! :)

Last night I indulged....Yesterday was my sister Lupe's 35th birthday! I am so blessed to have her in my life. Lupe has been there for me during the hardest times of my life, like when she took care of me in Mexico while my parents were in LA and my older siblings were not at home. Lupe would pick me up from Commonwealth elementary School (when she was in Virgil Junior High) and walk me home. Lupe also noticed I was having a seizure in the fall of 2001 and she took action to make sure I was safe and treated at the hospital.

Lupe has also been there for me during the most beautiful times of my life, like traveling from Mexico City and crossing the border to reunite with my parents and older brother, Javier in L.A. Lupe gave me my first job at Always' Insurance in LA, as a receptionist, telemarketer and deposit checks in the bank :). Lupe gave me rides everywhere when I was a teen -- I learned to drive in her 2000 Honda Civic! I thank God I have a wonderful sister like Lupe. Lupe is super-intelligent, hard-working, caring and conscientious. I love my sister!

For her birthday, I gave Lupe a copy of Skinny Bitch: Bun in the Oven  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skinny_Bitch_Bun_in_the_Oven. Lupe is about 12 or so weeks, pregnant!!! Yay! God is amazing to bless her with another child! I am so excited to be a tia again -- for the 12th time! I hope that my sister begins to take charge of her diet to be the healthiest mommy she can be! I will help and support her along the way!

So for her Bday my mom made her mole poblano -- one of my favorite, if not my favorite Mexican dish! I ate it with shredded chicken on top of a bed of spinach, lettuce and carrots and topped it with sunflower seeds! I also had some pan de dulce, small slices of chocolate cake and flan (that Martha, my oldest sister made) and blueberry, and carrot cakes (my sister-in-law, Oneyda made). I also had lots of coffee, and as a result I went to bed past 11:30pm...

I usually sleep about 7 hours, but because I ate so much the night before, I was determined to wake up at 5:10am and go for some cardio on an empty stomach the next morning. I was at the gym by 5:40am and I ran/jogged 2.25 miles in 23 minutes = 200+ calories.

6:05am 1 medium banana

bite of chicken patty :)

Meal 1 7:07am
Protein pancake:  3 large egg whites (+ some yolk), 1/3 cup oatmeal, 2 tbsp walnuts, sugar-free/calorie-fee syrup. Yum! This is so delicious; I am happy to eat it every day!

8:00am - Starbuck's coffee with non-fat milk (and a <1 oz. of half-n-half)

Meal 2 10:10am
3 large hard-boiled egg whites; 1 organic brown rice cake; 1 tbsp. almond butter

Meal 3 1:10 pm
1 cup organic green beans; Chicken patty (minus one bite from earlier :); 1/4 cup boiled sweet potato

Meal 4 4:10pm
1 cup veggies (brocoli, carrots, sugar peas); 1 high protein bar

Meal 6 6:30pm 
Chicken-less chicken with chipotle sauce (HOT!!!); 1/4 cup brown rice; 3 cup salad with lots of veggies and vinegar; 1/4 cup mashed avocado
Meal 6 9:00pm 
Almonds, walnuts, almond butter - yum! I shouldn't have eaten that though :-( (Updated in the PM)

Well, now I have to motivate myself to complete the PowerPoint presentation for tomorrow's last day of Dr. Mo's class. Thank God!!!



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