Monday, April 4, 2011

Lunch meeting with Dr. Britt Rios-Ellis!

I am so excited to have lunch with Britt! I admire her because she is very passionate about helping the Latino community and addressing their needs. She is compassionate, loving, and sensitive with people. Britt is also focused, driven,  a visionary, and a fighter. I love that every time she comes in to a room, she will knowledge every single person in that room. She is very self-aware. I am so happy she made the time to meet with me. It really means a lot to me that my mentors make time for me...

I am not sure where I'll take her, I will let her decide. I know she likes salads and Panera is her favorite, but that is a little far from campus. We'll see...I will have a salad myself :-)

Questions I will ask her:

  • How did you get started? 
  • I over-heard you say you were a fitness instructor, tell me about that!
  • How did you learn Spanish?
  • Would you consider yourself Latina/ Mexicana?
  • Tell me about your sabbatical year in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico?
  • What areas in public health are crucial to pursue a PhD on? 
  • How can I become a stronger applicant for doctoral programs?
  • What will happen after I graduate? I will no longer be a RIMI scholar, will there be an expectation that I will continue at CSULB? 
  • Is there an opportunity for me to continue working with you? 
  • I have mentee in high school who will be coming to CSULB in the fall. She is very intelligent, dedicated and interested in nutrition and Latinos. Can she work for the USDA program?
  • Do you know of any couple counseling center that are free or low-cost?
These are only some of the questions I have for Britt. I hope I can ask them all. I really look forward to her talking about her experiences. I love her! I will write about how it went...



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