Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy April 22nd: Earth Day!

Happy April 22nd: Earth Day!

Earth Day is every day! Making conscious choices about my consumption is part of lifestyle. Although some times I don't do enough, like recycle everything, reuse or bring my own cups or utensils, I do my best to be less impactful.

So, the reason I am blogging today is because I made a life-changing decision about my education. Two weeks away from taking the Comprehensive Exam that would award me the Master of Public Health (MPH) given that I pass it -- which I am sure I would -- I decided to switch over to the Master of Science (MS) in Health Science.

After careful consideration, the MS is best for me as I prepare to be the best applicant I can be for Doctoral programs. If I stay a student at CSULB, I can get continue my graduate reasearch assistantship through RIMI (Research Infrastructure Minority  Institution). As a RIMI Health Scholar, I qualify to get funding to attend conferences, travel, software, a GRE prep course and more!



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