Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fruit: food to satisfy my cravings!

Earlier this week I was craving crackers! For some reason I wanted to crunchiness, saltiness and I guess, some carbs.... After having that craving for about an hour, I told Bret, "Okay, I wanna go to Trader Joe's and just buy a box of crackers to snack on!"
He asked me, "Why don't you just eat a piece of fruit?"
Me: "Oh baby, I don't have any. I didn't pack enough for the day." (I had accompanied him to his work/school and this conversation took place after-school).
Bret: "Well why don't you go buy some?"
Me: "That's a better idea, I know, but I don't want to. I want some crackers!"

On our way home I still thought about my craving, but did not say anything. We drove to the gym together and I had plans of doing my 2nd cardio session of the day (I had done 30minutes that morning at 5:15am), but I was dreading it. I had little sleep the night before, I needed some rest from  the previous workouts, and although I was highly caffeinated (because I had done a lot of writing all day) my energy levels were down.  I realized how tired I was so I skipped cardio--besides, I had my cracker craving! Then I got an idea! I told Bret, "Oh! I know! I'm going to buy fruit from el frutero near our street!" (El frutero is the man that has a little fruit stand on the street with the bright colorful umbrella.) I found the solution to my craving and guilt for skipping my cardio session.