Monday, November 21, 2011

After talking with Bret about the way I have been eating and how I want to improve, he picked up the audio version of "The Remedy" by Supa Nova Slom  for me...He said, "I think this book will help you. He [the author] is a nutritionist and personal trainer to hip hop stars. I think you'll like it!" 

I was a little skeptical to read/hear it at first, but when I read the reviews, one came from Dr. Benjamin Chavis, a human and civil rights activist who coined the term environmental racism/justice (
Then, that is what got me reading....This little book is so awesome! It really made me raise my own consciousness as to what I am eating, and why do I eat what I do! 

I am beginning to see nutrition as my medicine, my prevention of disease and my happiness to enjoy my life today so I can have a healthy and happy future and age wisely. At first, my goal was to get my dream body by changing my nutrition. I've always felt young and for the most part healthy, so I only wanted to look good. But now that I am 30, my perspective has changed. I am still young, young at heart and am youthful looking on the outside! ;) Yes, I still want to look good, but my main goal is to be healthy all around. 

The Remedy book is giving me insight into what a cleaner, healthier diet can look like...A diet free of animal products and based on food that will make my body thrive: PLANTS! :D (I need to come up with a plan!)



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