Monday, November 7, 2011

Why I fell off the wagon -- but I decided to jump back on it!

This past Saturday, I felt like a matzo ball: bloated, squishy, round, soft, loaded with sodium and carbs....
 Today is Monday. We are already in the 2nd week of November. Even though last week I fell off the wagon I am back again. Let me recapitulate why...

A week ago I weight myself (in D.C.) and I was over 120 lbs. I know the weight on the scale is only a number, but this number helps me assess myself. The extra pounds are a result of eating more calories that I should. Those calories came from saturated fat, sodium, sugar, and simple carbohydrates in the random meals I ate out :-(
 After my second competition  in September I decided to eat more and not worry about being so strict so I began eating. I also realized that ever since September when I started working 30 hours a week, I gained a couple of pounds by eating more and moving less. At work I have eaten bagels at every training (almost once a week), more snacks, more sweets and there has been many activities going on.

Definitely, last week at the PNHP and APHA meetings I ate more that I planned to. The majority of the time I was conscious of what I was eating and I tried to pick what to me were the best options and right portion sizes. I had a cookie, or two -- or three and even some slices of cake for dessert, oops...Sometimes, I admit, some of it was it was emotional eating; I was happy -- it was like a little vacation and had wonderful he company of friends.

Yes, I probably gained a couple of pounds. I need to work them off, but most importantly, my diet needs to be cleaned up. I can train hard at the gym, but I do not eat like I train :-( That is the hard part. When you have dieted for 2 competitions and seen your body transform by just eating clean, you can easily spot changes in your body. This petite body of mine quickly reacts to anything that is not natural or clean.

Falling is part of the process. You cannot know where you want to be if you have not experienced failure. Each day we are blessed with is a chance to start over until every action toward health becomes a habit. So this week is a new one-- for me in my journey.  I chose to start over and take off when where I left. In order to gain strength we need to work each muscle of the mind, body, heart and spirit every single time. Day in and day out. There are 8 weeks left before 2011 is over and I am going to be at my best self: BeaHealthy, BeaFit, BeaLove, and BeaGreen.

"If you fall walking, get up, for all must fall to gain strength." ~Brian Angelo



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