Saturday, January 21, 2012

A reminder to myself that "You are what you eat."

You are what you eat. Your body is so amazing. Whatever you eat you become. Last week since Tuesday I had been eating so much fat and sugar (lots of almond butter and dried fruit, and vegan cookies) after dinner that by Friday morning it was visible in my mid section! 

On Friday morning I had the gym's whole fitness class room (with mirrors all around me) to myself. The workout of the day consisted of plyometrics and some glute exercises. Since I was alone in the room, I rolled my shirt up up for my abs to be visible because it forces me to pull them in when I'm doing plyometrics, engage them more--and yes,  to look at my hard earn work ;) Seeing my toned abs keeps me going!

As I was doing my plyo's, I felt heavy and noticed through the mirrors I looked bloated. At first I thought the mirrors were off, but soon I realized that I really was bloated. My abs were not defined and my side rolls began to show,  I looked puffy.... It was no wonder to me that that was so because I had been consuming too much sugar (I was/am holding so much water) and fat (my fat cells have expanded) made me feel heavy! 

This visual did have an impact on me and it made me realize once again that we are what we eat. Our body is so efficient at absorbing the right stuff, and unfortunately the bad stuff too…. If we feed it the right foods it will show us the results as it start melting the excess fat away, but once we over indulge in something whether it's good or bad the excess fat begins to accumulate and you start looking like what you ate. (This is the reason why people who want to lose weight and probably exercise and try to eat well, but still continue to eat poorly continue to have excess body fat. You have to eat the right food so your body could start melting the fat. Eating the same crappy food will keep us farther and farther from our desired goals!)

Because I don't want to spoil my heard earned work, I need to be more diligent about having a balanced diet and controlling my cravings. When my cravings begin to take over, I am prone to throwing it all out the window. I will begin to take control of my sugar and fat intake, especially after dinner. Yes, I don't crave animal products, but I still have a sweet tooth. I guess I will start baking once again and just eating my portions of dessert every other night. 

                                  I'd like to be either a super-green, skinny asparagus spear or a baby broccoli floret ;)



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