Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Since January 1st my training and nutrition have been so good--better than they have ever been!
Because I am eating more complex carbohydrates from a variety of sources, I have more energy and thus harder workouts. I try to keep them under 60 minutes and to replenish my muscles with the glycogen they used up I have a rice protein shake immediately afterwards and a piece of fruit (bananas are my favorite becasue they are absorbed fast!).

I feel that my body is responding to this plant-based nutriton so well. My body is getting some awesome results (because of the kick-ass training I've been doing)! Last night though, I had such a sweet tooth after dinner...I ate 9 dates (we bought at the Santa Monica Farmer's market -- they were sooo sweet and so delicious! I also had a few strips of dried papaya, yummy!

 I knew that I had consumed too much sugar from fruit and my mouth and throat were so sweet! I also had a desire to eat the left over almond sauce Bret made for dinner (almond butter, agave nectar and coconut flakes!) I was on a sugar and fat binge and I knew it! Because I didn't want to derpive myself, I allowed myself to eat a couple of tea size spoonfuls right out of the almond butter jar! Then, I stopped, walked away, brushed my teeth and put my retainers on.

Tonight after the movie at the Grove, we went to Wholefoods on Fairfax because I was craving cookies--vegan cookies, that is. At the cookies and sweets section, Bret and I searched for "vegan" cookies but no luck! :( I was a little sad, but happy that this way of eating gives me a few options. When it comes to eating sweets there aren't a whole lot of things are made without eggs, butter or milk and so I don't eat as much! :)

I knew I'd find something at the cookies and crackers ailse, and I did! Vegan cookies there were, but they were high in calories anf fat. Some bags had 8 or more cookies, but I know better NOT to buy the whole bag because I will eat it in one sitting, so buying the bag wasn't an option. Suddenly, I was so happy to find Barbara's Snackimals cookies!
Barbara's Bakery Snackimals, Snickerdoodle - 7.5 ozs.
Even thogh the pacakge did not say they were vegan, I read the ingredients and there was no animal products! The bag was 2 servings (per serving: 120 calories, 18 grams of [simple] carbs, 2g fat, 2 g protein) and I ate them both! I knew they were extra calories and as I ate them, I began to feel a little guilty...but then I said to myself, "Bea, this is fine. There is nothing wrong with eating a few more calories. Your body is  craving it right now. You need the extra calories other wise you will not be happy and become iritable."

When youbecome very diligent about working out efficiently and eating well, you just don't want to put junk in your body. I have learned, though, when my metabolism burns like a furnace (through clean nutrition and proper and intense training) I need to eat more. If I don't eat enough I get irritable and wake up at least once in the middle of the night. I've also learned that when I train hard, I wake up super early on my own without the buzz of the alarm clock, and I wake up so anxious to go to the gym! That is not a good sign. When that happends I tell myself I need to slow down, take an extra day off from training and SLEEP more

The truth is that I've been feeling this way the past couple of nights and I crave sweets after dinner so I decided to have some goodies and drop it off a notch. Oh, BTW, My "goodies" are going to be animal product-free and I will enjoy them! :-D



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