Friday, October 21, 2011

Not living up to my nutrition standards :(

I have not lived up to my nutrition standards these past few weeks. Although I have been eating clean most of the times and not indulging like I used to, I have not had the cleanest diet that will help me achieve my personal goals. I've been eating too many carbs and sweets, more than I should. This is beginning to really bother me because I seem to be farther and farther from what I want -- which is really defined abs.

I know what I need to do. I need to eat less soy and less sugar. I will need to replace my everyday soy protein with  buy vegetable, rice or hemp protein. To save money, I will still have my protein shake every other day. Gradually I cut out soy yogurt, but I need to STOP drinking soy milk. I will also need to cut out the agave syrup!

 These days my nutrition has really not only been focused on eating for energy, but also for health. What I mean is that I am trying my best to not eat processed foods! I am getting in the habit of always reading the ingredient list on any processed food I am tempted to buy. If it has too much stuff I don't even know what it is, much less pronounce, I will not NOT buy it.

I must admit though, that many times I am not conscious of this and I end of eating processed stuff. This tends to happen most at work. At work I tend to eat what is already there (at a meeting, or lunch) and usually it does not have a label that I can read, and it automatically goes in my mouth. I think, "I work out hard. My metabolism will burn it fast!" But that is not good. Eating processed and high fat food a title here and there does not help me reach my goals. There I go, again, giving in to temptation. Even though I thought I was controlling that, I find that it is beginning to control me...

I need to set some clear and realistic goals for myself. I need to stick with it! It is up to me! Tomorrow is another day.



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