Monday, April 29, 2013

Happy 70th Birthday, Papí!

Today my dad is 70 years old! He has been blessed to have lived all these years. I have been blessed, as have my siblings and my mom to have him in our lives. 

Two years ago I baked him a vegan carrot-cake! (I was still wearing my apron.)
Here is what I posted on Facebook this morning: 

"Happy 70th Birthday to my father, Efrain Sosa Ceballos!!! You have has taught me the meaning love, humility, family, compassion, resilience, perseverance, hard work and oh so much more...Thank you for being my guide, my light, my mentor, my friend and an amazing father to me and to all my siblings. I am so excited to continue learning from your wisdom, experiences and strength. You are a true warrior and my hero. I love you, daddy. Wishing you love, joy, peace and health always. ♥

¡Feliz cumpleaños numero 70 a mi padre, Efrain Sosa Ceballos! Usted me ha enseñado el significado del amor, de la familia, humildad, compasión, resistencia, perseverancia, el trabajo duro y mucho más....Gracias por ser mi guía, mi luz, mi consejero, mi amigo y un padre increíble para mí y para todos mis hermanos. Estoy tan emocionada seguir aprendiendo de su sabiduría, experiencia y fortaleza. Usted es un verdadero guerrero y mi héroe. Lo amo, papá. ¡Feliz cumpleaños! Le deseo siempre amor, alegria, paz y salud. ♥"


Since my dad was diagnosed with diabetes in 1998, his life transformed for the better. Though it has not been easy to manage that disease, my dad has worked in credibly hard for many years to adopt healthier habits: a good diet and regular physical activity. Today he drinks soy milk (I am trying to get him off cow's milk for good), eats very little meat, lots of fruit and jogs twice a day and has a great attitude about life!

I gotta tell you that I have so many plans for me and my dad. I plan to coach him more on his eating habits so that he can make better choices to reverse his diabetes. Yes, I believe it can be done! It will take a lot of work on both of our parts, but it can be done! I want him to get off that medication that is just drugging his system. Also, I want to train him to improve his flexibility, muscle strength and bone density. Being 70 is no limitation to what his body can do!

 I am very grateful to God for having the privilege to having my dad with us today.  I look forward to interviewing him and writing about his life journey and experiences. 

Happy Birthday, daddy!



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